How marketers can harness the power and potential of TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a huge influence. It is the most popular travel and leisure website in the world, with more than 350 million unique visitors per month, 385,000,000 reviews, and featuring 6.6 Million hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

It’s here to stay. More than 80% of customers who have reviewed the service say it makes them more confident and helps them plan better trips ( 2014).

This is why we look at how marketers working in the tourism, travel and leisure industries can improve their relationship with TripAdvisor. How to improve the customer experience and their online reputation by improving communication and management strategies

Invite reviews

It shows that you care by asking customers about their experience. Send automated, timely emails inviting customers or guests to leave reviews as soon as they return from a visit. You don’t have to incentivize your guests or customers. Ask for honest, objective reviews on TripAdvisor. Reviewers can give feedback about their experience and also make a great marketing tool. TripBarometer 2014 shows that 90% of travelers believe reviews are important in deciding where to book. PureTargeting makes it easy to manage these automated emails inviting reviewers to leave reviews.

Always respond

TripAdvisor allows management to respond to reviews. This is a great opportunity to show that you are listening. According to (2014), 60% of travelers believe that management responses increase their likelihood of booking ( 2014). Keep up with reviews and respond promptly. Do not respond with an angry or defensive reply. It will reflect poorly on your organization regardless of the context. 70% of respondents agree that a defensive or aggressive management response to bad reviews “makes it less likely for me to book that hotel”. Invite customers to continue the conversation offline if necessary.

Influence offline behavior

Staff should remind themselves that any conversation they have offline could end up online. Always be open with guests and customers about TripAdvisor. Encourage them to use TripAdvisor to share their experiences. There are many ways to remind them, including notes on bills and cards at the reception desk, emails reminders, signs in rooms, and even signs. You should embrace the feedback culture. It builds trust and helps you focus your offline efforts.

Take control

Your TripAdvisor profile should not be left to guests or customers. Upload photos and write detailed descriptions about your venues, facilities, and menus. People often make decisions online, and they don’t even need to contact you. It will help reduce the number and quality of emails and phone calls you receive, and it will allow customers to make informed decisions.

Get the right reviews

TripAdvisor users typically read 6-12 reviews per trip, so ensure they have plenty of options ( 2014). 64 percent of respondents don’t read negative comments in reviews. So that customers who had a great experience can leave reviews, it is important to balance out negative or overwhelmingly positive ones. Do not rely on outdated reviews to boost your reputation. Customers tend to seek out the most recent experiences of others to help them feel more confident about what they will experience.

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These are the top strategies to increase your reputation and ranking on TripAdvisor. These are all great ways to get online engagement from customers and guests that will build trust, increase your reputation, and generate new business.

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