As a professional web design provider, and website developer (yes there’s a difference, and not everyone is both) I really enjoy sharing some of the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the last nineteen years working the web. I’ve built a lot of popular websites, and used a wide variety of web technologies. I’ve seen search engines come and go, and been there when they’ve been bought and sold. The one thing that remains constant on the web is that the websites that stand out visually, are concise and to the point, and have a particular voice which resonates are the successful ones. While I do not post every day on my own website, when I do write an article, it’s usually to pass something good on— so I hope you enjoy!

Build Your Vision

Building Your Vision

Building Your Dream Right Nowadays, it’s highly important to develop a website for your business that looks good on all platforms. It’s a must that websites are viewable on tablets and mobile devices. A responsive website design can present simple to complex information and easily adapts to all screen sizes. Here at Beach Web Design…