Your Business in 2016

Internet LeverageIt’s 2016, (You already know this, right?) If there are things to improve about your website, it’s easy enough to do. You shouldn’t have to look far to find a local web designer, a web design firm, or another type of website design service such as Weebly, Wix or the likes thereof. Many services are available and can be purchased from a wide variety of design providers. That’s great right?

Curvy Roads Ahead

Often we hear— “I don’t know anything about web design.” That’s okay, because as we stated above, there are many ways to get a website built, developed and deployed. Right? Absolutely! With web design and website development being available from so many sources, it would seem your choice and solution is clearer than ever before. That’s where we draw the line, because when it comes to making detailed decisions— from here the water starts to get muddy. Questions start to stream forth and if you aren’t careful, overwhelm even a technically savvy person! So many choices, decisions and potential forks in the road. It’s at this point, you are going to be happy you selected a local web designer, especially Beach Web Design & IT.

Honestly— we do more than write code, create pretty pictures, or even craft succinct pages of content. We develop and keep relationships with people. In our opinion, nothing’s better than seeing our local clients become more successful in part thanks to our efforts on their behalf.

Don’t Blame the Medium

Lightbulb DesignsSince its introduction, the Internet has been a driving force behind many things. The economy, big business, technology and more. If you have yet to find your niche on it, don’t throw up you hands and give up! Make a choice today that you are going to tame the Internet into submissiveness, and putting it to work for you! How can you do this? You must learn the ways of the Force!

Seriously, you need to recognize the simple fact that having a great website can mean so much more for your business than simply becoming an online business card. These days you use your website to draw in new customers, interact with existing customers, leverage and promote your social media activity and more. It needs to exude quality and confidence, be 100% friendly on ANY mobile device including tablets, phones, laptops, etc. Heck— It even needs to look good to someone as they chug milk from the container beside their high definition refrigerator!

Many times you don’t really need to know how the cake is made to enjoy the flavor (In this case the benefits of having a well-made and high ranking website.) Why would you trifle to learn that you really should leverage and communicate in machine language like micro-formats, and Open Graph tags? You just want customers, and to make sales right? This is precisely the reason that Beach Web Design & IT is on top of the game. We stay there by constantly learning, and trying new things. We discard what doesn’t work, and blaze a straight and true path towards creating a Internet profile for a business that simply doesn’t ever quit working for that business.

For sure, there are so many different things that a truly good design firm looks at when developing a new website or even a website redesign. One thing for certain is everything we do is based on the theory that the search engines reward those that work hard and pursue quality. Of course it doesn’t hurt at all to make finding great content easy for them!

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