Security for Your WordPress


WordPress Security Hardening

While no website can ever be 100% secure, I am now offering to harden and secure your WordPress website installation to the best of my abilities! Included in this service are 90% of the things you can do to make it more difficult for hackers or other attackers to compromise your WordPress website.


WordPress Security Hardening

If you have been keeping up with Internet security in any way shape or form, you know that thousands of websites are attacked daily. Let Beach Web Design improve the security of your WordPress-based website by applying advance techniques and technologies to the installation. This is a virtual service. After purchase someone will contact you to arrange to receive your website information, including logins, etc— in order to secure  your website.


  • Your website & domain information
  • WordPress
  • Administrator level access
  • Website Read / Write access
  • FTP access

Since no website or content management system can ever be 100% secure, (There are new vulnerabilities discovered everyday) This service carries NO GUARANTEE. However, rest assured that your website will be protected in over 40 ways that it is not currently, if no security other than the standard WordPress is currently in use. If you aren’t currently using any secure then your WordPress website is extremely insecure. Not only are you vulnerable to many common WordPress attacks, but also PHP vulnerabilities. It is imperative that you do whatever you can to make sure that your website is available and reliable.

When a website is attacked and compromised, it can be entirely taken over without you ever knowing it, and even banned in Google. Don’t allow that to happen. Please note if your website has already been compromised, please consult with you web hosting company to see if they offer a solution. If they do not have a good plan, or you really need immediate help, please visit Sucuri. They are highly;y recommended for their super fast responses and their technology. They will even handle it if your site has been blacklisted from Google.

Private Information

At no time does Beach Web Design & It reveal your private information to anyone except our technical staff. Please view our privacy policy. After this service is complete, it is recommended that you change your passwords to something secure. Here is a nice password generator.


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