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This is the second in a series of software that Beach Web Design & IT will be releasing for web design, and web designers/seos. The other software that we have right now is the excellent Color Palette Visualizer. You can visit that site for more information. We also have on the slate a really complex website uptime and login manager, which is going to revolutionize the way IT/Web Management will work for us PROS! At least for Windows users!


StructureIzer 1.0 – by Beach Web Design & IT

This is a really simple yet extremely useful piece of software that will allow web designers or seo pros to quickly (and visually create) proposed navigation structures. You create the outline with a TreeView, you can drag and drop or move up and down, assign children and move the pages around how you like. There are a few options when adding the page names, such as how you want them to look, Proper Case, UPPER CASE, or lowercase. The software will also restore previous entries when re-opening via a simple .INI file.


Drag and Drop
Restores Outline when re-opening
Creates a web page that shows menu structure using Font Awesome / simple CSS.
Easily reorganize pages, page names, etc. Rename after in the Tree, etc.
Super simple, but super-useful.
only 5.99! DIRT CHEAP!


Windows XP or Above

Structureizer 1.0 will make your life a few minutes easier, you can even forward the HTML file to you client, add to Dropbox, or email/include in design comps, etc.
Software for IT Professionals
Look for more great software like Structureizer 1.0 from Beach Web Design & IT, a Better Business Accredited, A+ rated provider, located in Panama City Beach, FL! Our passion is web development and tools, methods and processes that make it easier on folks like us! We have many applications in various stages of development for web design professionals. That is a real passion for us. We like to make people like us more productive, and happier with the tools that they have access to. Sometime there’s nothing like a simple application that does exactly what you need in a simple and straightforward manner. That’s what this does by creating simple web pages showing the proposed structure for a website. Play with it, revamp it, in two minutes. If you are currently using Google Sheets, or Excel making these, STOP NOW. Pay the 56.99 and never go back.


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