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Comprehensive SEO Analysis


We will perform a source code level, detailed SEO analysis, including back link profiles, and social media popularity data points. You will receive a detailed report within 3 days of purchase of any problems and potential solutions on any and all data points collected.

This service is for analysis and reporting only. We are also available to correct any problems that may be present in either code, structure, or other issues on any and all pages that have been analyzed.

*Includes up to 30 individual pages.


Palette Visualizer 2

$19.99 $3.99

Featured software includes: Get color in hex anywhere the mouse is on the screen. Save color schemes. HTML preview, takes screenshots of schemes to send to clients. Give complimenting and contrasting colors. It’s a very helpful piece of software. The web has too much gray! Spice it up a little and know exactly what it’s going to look like with Palette Visualizer 2 from Beach Web Design & IT. Download immediately after purchase! (Package zipped for speed!)


Perfect WordPress SEO

$239.00 $229.00

With more than 20 years of experience building, designing, marketing and making sites number 1, I know you will be happy with Beach Web Design and this WordPress SEO service.

Lots of developers know how to design in WordPress, but few truly are SEO experts. Gain market share by having a perfectly optimized WordPress website.

100% Google safe on page optimization.


Real Homes Website

$589.00 $549.00

Are you ready to make sure your rental or real estate property listings can be found on the Internet??? You need to have the fresh new website design, that's easy to use, and super appealing to the types of individuals you're trying to attract!

This Real Homes website (for WordPress CMS) real estate theme can take your new or existing website to the next level. Start impressing people today. It's really simple to get started, and since this item is for sale by a professional web designer, you know that it's high quality. Quit looking, and start building something real with Real Homes Website theme! Take advantage of today's modern web, and Beach Web Design's expertise. This real homes website is powered by the Internet's most powerful technologies!

Successful businesses and individuals innately realize that Pablo Picasso was absolutely correct when he stated, “Action is the foundational key to all success.”


Security for Your WordPress

$179.00 $169.00

WordPress Security Hardening

While no website can ever be 100% secure, I am now offering to harden and secure your WordPress website installation to the best of my abilities! Included in this service are 90% of the things you can do to make it more difficult for hackers or other attackers to compromise your WordPress website.


Structureizer 1.0

$9.99 $5.99

This is the second in a series of software that Beach Web Design & IT will be releasing for web design, and web designers/seos. The other software that we have right now is the excellent Color Palette Visualizer. You can visit that site for more information. We also have on the slate a really complex website uptime and login manager, which is going to revolutionize the way IT/Web Management will work for us PROS! At least for Windows users!


Write 100% Original Content


This item includes at least three hundred words, not including codes, links, or attributes. Also included are two royalty-free, high definition images. The article/content will be well-researched, error-free and a pleasure to read. This can include eCommerce Descriptions, news articles, or help files, etc. We will write about any subject you like, and write about it well.

*Guaranteed delivery within 7 days or your money back.