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Website Speed via CDN

I am currently building my own ranking software for SEO purposes. The tool takes up to one hundred points of data from a website, and assigns a proprietry rank based upon those data points. One of those points is static resources served by CDN. You know the warnings from pingdom, Gt Metrix, and Google Page Insights.  They all tell you to serve static resources from a CDN and my tool doesn’t have that much of a different viewpoint for this matter.

Site Speed Via Cdn

CDN Services Compared

This article is to talk about two CDN services that I’ve had recent experience with. One I recommend, one I do not. Those two CDN services are Stackpath, and Key CDN, respectively. I was using Max CDN, which was absorbed by Stackpath. After spending about a month on them, I decided that the speed at which the CDN was operating just wasn’t what it should be. Without a whole lot of technical overload, I just wanted to say that this CDN wasn’t working out. That’s when I switched over to Key CDN, with which I am currently highly pleased.

Why you may Need a CDN

As professional website designers, we provide many services, and honestly try to keep the costs low for our clients. While we do this, we also want to give more than the competition, and that means providing more for less. Such as site speed enhancements. Which brings us back to using a CDN, or content delivery network to enhance our clients’ site speed. A CDN is a cheap and easy way to get the most out of your web hosting, which we often provide for free for some amount of time to new clients. If you aren’t using a CDN right now to support speed enhancements for your website, you should definitely take a look at Key CDN.

Two Site Speed CDNs

They provide an extremely cost-effective solutions for most of your content delivery needs. They currently offer a 30 day trial, which should give you plenty of time to try them out, and see if they fit your particular needs. After the trial, minimum payment is forty-nine credits and that’s $49.00. You get three free zones, enough for three websites, then every new zone if one dollar. After using Key CDN for a while, they have everything you may need to effectively initiate usage of CDN for any website. Point in fact, every website that I am using Key CDN on is just faster than it was using StackPath. I use a variety of DNS, it just kind of depends. I use Namecheap premium DNS, Cloudlfare, and DynDN. You can pair this CDN with any of these services, and put together a workable solution.


So as I am nearing completion of my software, I thought it might be useful to write about my opinion of these two CDNs. Of note, I cancelled the Stackpath and still got billed, and had to open a PayPal dispute, as I was still on the free trial of that service. I’m way happier with Key CDN and they offer better granular control than Stackpath.

I highly suggest them! Cheers, Elmer