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What’s up my friends? This is a quick post to tell you about a new website from Beach Web Design & IT. It’s called Simple Vote. The web address is http://simplevote.website and it’s home to a simple but powerful web application. The idea is to cast a vote for the next President. We built this site in order to explore a few programming techniques and some logic. The resulting web application and accompanying website is fast, powerful and does just what it is supposed to really well.

While it might seem simple, it’s never easy to deal with large amounts of data and condense it on a webpage.

Of course we have tons of experience in manipulating data, including data mining, XML, JSON, building custom APIS here. We actually innovated many online reporting systems for the logistics industry years ago. Oh! If only we’d have had Bootstrap back then! CSS was still in its infancy! Development times would have certainly been a lot faster.

Web Applications Done Right

We wanted to highlight the site, and let you know you can head over there and cast your vote. No worries, we don’t care how you vote, only that you check out the simple system we have put place. We’ve still a few tweaks we want to add, but it is up and running, and ready to collect your vote.

What Web Application?

Again, the web address is http://simplevote.website. There’s a change log at the bottom of the homepage for those that are interested in that sort of thing. We also wanted to highlight that from concept until completion (is any website or web application ever really complete?) it took us only 3 days to design and build the HTML, the CSS and the actual server side software that processes the data and creates the voting results display page.



HTML 5The types of web applications we build are typically ISAPI apps and are known to be more secure, stable, and are multi-threaded. This leads to faster execution time, and tighter integration with the Web Server. I’ll take ISAPI over PHP any day. (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Many development IDES and languages can be used to write ISAPI, but I personally use Delphi, of which I’ve been programming in since 1997. Thanks to everyone in the Delphi community! One of the most helpful communities of programmers ever. Special thanks should go out to Shiv Matlus – The Delphi Apostle, who first helped my years and years ago get interested in developing web server applications.

Thanks, and Enjoy!

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