Outdated Web Designs

Is your current website design stuck in the 90s, or perhaps the turn of the century??? (Yes it seems strange for that phrase to mean the year 2000!) It’s probably not that big of a deal if it’s still doing well in the search engines. However, you need to consider the technical drawbacks and challenges that face outdated websites relying on older technologies. How long is it going to continue doing well? Here’s just a couple of reasons that continued success or even dominance may be short-lived.

  • They probably aren’t mobile friendly
  • Outdated appearance

Frustrating Navigation

We’ve all got our pet peeves. One of mine is a non-mobile friendly website, or one that is poorly designed for the modern mobile world. Now through the years, I’ve had many types of smart phones, from the original smart phone running Windows, to the Palm Pre. The Windows phone was awesome, it was a Samsung, made out of titanium, featured a full slide-out keyboard, had a stylus, and you could make your own themes, which I thought was simply the best. This Samsung had one of those soft and squishy LCD screens, but unfortunately was a horrible butt dialer! The point is, that I am a voracious reader, and consumer of information. So— my pet peeve is not being able to read without pinching, zooming and otherwise constantly manipulating the screen. This doesn’t even mention the horrible navigation issues that are presented trying to get around in an older website on today’s modern smartphones.

Other Issues

Non Mobile Friendly I’m 100% sure there’s a plenty of others that feel the same way. When they get to your website, and they’re faced with a page full of text they cannot read at first glance, or a strong call to action isn’t even on the screen— they may just click away. After all, another website that is mobile-ready is probably only a tap away. I’m not sure about the currently mobile friendly statistics but if you click here, you can (at a glance) discover many reasons why a mobile-friendly website design is a must for any business.

“No worries, my old website forwards to a special mobile version!”

Really? Is that so? How wonderful! How easy is that to keep updated and current? Even if it is relatively easy to keep current, web page redirects are generally never a great idea, and the more time that goes by, the less likely it is that Google will keep considering your website relevant within their results. After all what does the word relevant mean? It certainly doesn’t mean old, or “The way things used to be.”

Outdated Means Less Business

Adapt or DieThe more outdated that your website appears to potential consumers, the less likely it is that they’ll consider you as a first choice for bringing their business to. In this generation of iPhone first, ask questions later— your website is your business card, first appearance, and sales force all in one! Are you getting it right with yours? If you’re unsure of the answer to that, consider calling us us at 850-896-1817 and we will gladly consult with you regarding your website needs, and other IT matters. Remember, We aren’t suggesting change for change’s sake. In fact we are extremely conscious to make sure that your website continues to do well the things it does well. You must realize that the trends are changing, and if your website never changes, you will be left behind, it’s just a matter of time. Allow Beach Web Design and IT to build a website that can adapt to any changing trends, and will be modern and look great for many years to come. Visit our website design page and check out the services we offer.

We are typically less expensive than the competitors in town, and many factors better, offering a thousand percent more service for way less. One call to us and we feel confident that you’ll want to select Beach Web Design for your next web design project. Be sure to join us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter (in the sidebar) and we will keep you constantly updated on the wonderful wide world of modern website design. In a world where the Internet replaced the Yellow pages a long time ago, your website is essentially your storefront. How is yours looking? How is it performing? If you aren’t consistently pulling clients, customers and sales, then there’s probably a big problem!

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