Consulting Services

We’ve been developing software & web applications since the Internet’s inception. As technologies have rapidly evolved, so have our abilities and the strategies we use when providing technology consulting services. We believe we have the right mix of ability, talent, and knowledge to be an extremely valuable asset for you or your business. In fact— our customers will tell you the exact same thing.

Contract Consulting

Consulting Services

My availability status is updated on this page frequently. If I’m unavailable, that information should be listed here. Thanks for taking time to learn about Beach Web Design and the many Internet, & web technology services we provide. If you need immediate help, you can always visit the pick my brain page.

Consultant Availability

Currently: » Available « for Technology Consulting Services. Beach Web Design offers technology consulting services. These consist of advice, strategies, and advanced consulting services in all areas of technology. We charge a flat fee of $85.00 per hour for our consulting. (Negotiable based upon length of time sought.)

Technology Partner

In our role as your go-to online technology advisers, Beach Web Design and Software Development will develop a partnership of trust by providing you with reliable answers and dependable solutions. We embrace new technologies, rely on dependable ones, and utilize proven methods and techniques. Our technical and content writing is the best in the business. We can prepare press releases, help you distribute them online and to media outlets. There really isn’t a way to describe what we are capable of, except by saying if it involves using a computer or the Internet, we can help. We often field questions regarding pretty much anything related to programming, web design, or marketing, including business development.

Consultant Services

Types of Expertise Available

Our expertise can be invaluable when you need key advice on which direction, what strategy, or the type of platform or technology to use for any particular task. We will perform a variety of tasks in our role as consultant. Our Technology Consulting Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Search Engine Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Technical Content Writing
  • Web Site Evaluations
  • Sales & Marketing Packets
  • Online Business Strategy Evaluation
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Software & Application Beta Testing

These are but a few examples of the types of consulting we are currently available for.

We are versed in a variety of technologies and platform, here a but a few favorite: Bootstrap from Twitter, jQuery of course, Microsoft Internet Information ServerISAPI Web ApplicationsApache Web ServerEmbarcadero Delphi (Object Pascal)PHPWordPress Content Management System. We have dozens of other platforms, technologies & languages under our belt, but we feel you get the idea.

IT & Software Programming

Networks, Servers, Wiring, Advice & Guidance

We offer contract technology consulting for a variety of technologies and disciplines. We have a great deal of IT and server administration including Linux and Windows servers. Tis includes web servers like Apache and IIS. Need a new network? We can do that.